July in Dusk

This is more of an update post.

Great news—just wrapped up Chapter Thirteen: Experimental Version.

Bad news—I have yet to copy and convert my notes of Chapter Thirteen: Classic onto the computer.

Basically there are two ways this chapter can go: Classic, Experimental, and Experimental Ambitious. Basically, Classic would involve my Mabel adventures with no minor villain backstory. The experimental chapter is told from the viewpoint of Pin-pin and how she met Montiere and became a vampire. It's Pin-pin's story, but it's really Montiere's introduction because it would simply be criminal to enter the final phases of the novel without giving him a real introduction that readers can sink their teeth into.

Pun intended.

But I've gotten off track. Classic is the normal chapter style that we know and love. Experimental is a new, temporary viewpoint with a bit of a pretentious, preachy vibe. I know I'll have to edit it to make it flow, but I'm happy with the content as a whole.

Experimental Ambitious is me combining the Classic and Experimental into one chapter. I would be jumping back and forth scene-wise between Mabel's narrative and Pin-pin's backstory. I'm going to try and write out the Mabel content I've drafted first, and then I'll see if this style can work.

I am so excited. The next chapter, Chapter Fourteen, is The Wildfire Affair. A lot happens. I've had scenes for this bad boy in my head for months.

A taste of Experimental: