Washington Dream'n

So, it's been a little while, huh?

At the moment I am writing from a front porch. There was a thunder storm last night, so the breezes are cool. First time I've worn a sweat shirt in a while.

Little trouble getting to the States. I was pulled aside in customs for no good reason, but still caught my flight. Slept across the Pacific, woke up in Texas. My first meal in the U.S. was a frozen yogurt parfait, the first one I've had in many months. Unfortunately I didn't get much writing done on the plane...

In fact, I haven't gotten much writing done at all. Not Mabel writing anyway. I've been playing around on Figment, doing lots of flash fiction for contests. Flash fiction is simply a story in about a hundred or two hundred words. When the contest winners are announced, I'll take my slew of entries off my homepage and then all will be right (and tidy) with the world.

Well, perhaps I have gotten some Mabel writing done. I've drafted all of Chapter Thirteen in my notebook, but I have to force myself to sit down and actually write it out. I've set a goal. I want Thirteen done by Tuesday, and then Mabel will officially enter her second semester in Fourteen. It's all very exciting. (Although that I have to say that makes it less so. Haha.)

Since I've arrived in Washington, I have mostly gotten in touch with other things that I like. I've read piles of cooking magazines (very intrigued by a potato chip cookie recipe), and have made my yearly pilgrimage to The Count of Monte Cristo. Monte Cristo is my favorite book, and I have to come back to it every so often. I have a very strange relationship with Monte Cristo. I never question, never analyze. It's very different from my typical reading fare, I read it differently from other books, and yet, it always speaks to me. I think it has everything I need in a story. I have also decided that I am in love with it, and sometimes taking that plunge is just as important as enjoying the book itself.

I have also started rebuilding my iTunes. I have taken piles of Classical CDs and uploaded them to my computer. Over the coming weeks I will chose the tracks I like, delete old ones that I never listen to, etc. It's like spring cleaning. I also desperately needed a full recording of Scheherazade, which is my favorite piece of Classical music.

It's refreshing being surrounded by English, lovely things, and cool early summer.