Fiction Flashes

So, I'm doing these flash fiction contests on Figment, and ever since I've done the first contest, I've adopted a rather ruthless policy. Any flash fiction that loses the contest gets deleted from the site. I've stuck to my guns, but this evening I found out that two pieces I was rather fond of didn't win, and one of them didn't even place. Sad stuff. I just finished deleting them from my Figment page.

I was a little attached to those pieces, so I thought that I would copy them here. The first piece, "The Storm Edge" is going to be grafted into The Visterian Lovers. It's an excerpt from the mythos of the lightning goddess and her lover.

(A lot of the winning entries were "realistic" fiction entries. Imagine me rolling my eyes. They weren't badly written, but they weren't terribly creative either. Or maybe I'm just a sore loser.)

Anyway, this second entry was light-hearted and frivolous, but I liked it all the same. I have a never-ending love affair with heist movies and stories, and this piece stemmed from that.

That last line really stumped me. I was never sure what note to end on. I'm still not happy with that regret line, but that opening line and following paragraph were exactly what I wanted. (Sigh) Oh well.

What else is happening on the writing front? Well, I wrote in a library for a change and got some Chapter Thirteen work done. I'm experimenting a bit, writing parts of the chapter from the minor villain (Pin-pin's) perspective. If it works, I'll keep it, and if not, I'll stick to classic Mabel point of view. It's nice to be writing from a different angle though, and I hope this works.

Happy Thursday!