Train Revelation

I should be writing a paper on Natsume Soseki's Kokoro. But here I am!

It's a little sad really. I'm not even looking forward to the end of exams, just a day where I can scrounge together a notebook and run off to coffee shop where I can write things that people might actually want to read one day. I'm expecting that day to be Friday.

It can be very strange when ideas come to you. I've been riding the metro everyday for a couple months now, and as I was standing on the platform, I realized that underground trains are just like burrowing dragons. Metal dragons.

I've been watching The Legend of Korra, which features a pro-bending arena where the characters duke it out in front of an audience, I loved the Hunger Games, and one of my favorite movies is Gladiator. I really like the idea of high tension events happening in front of a crowd, and now I'm determined for Mabel to have something. It will involve burrowing metal dragons. Definitely race cars. I like the idea of Salieri driving a race car.

Back to that essay I should be writing.