iPhone Waiting

So, I am sitting in bed waiting for my iPhone to charge so that I can go out into the world. It's incredibly sunny today, and there's a light breeze. My kind of weather really.

The plan is to go to Starbucks and write some more today. I'm wrapping up Chapter Twelve, and am still on the fence as to whether I finish the battle or leave the cliffhanger. The cliffhanger urge is strong with this one. The "after party" plan is to go flop down in a park, preferably in a patch of sunlight, and to read Behemoth, which I ended up checking out of the library against my better judgment... I suspect I'll study for exams this evening... Maybe tomorrow morning...

Writing and keeping chronology is really hard. I had actually planned on Mabel's City taking place during a single semester. Now it's looking like it will take the whole school year! This won't mean anything until the book is done, but basically in the original plan Chapter Twelve was supposed to be "The Wildfire Affair," a big turning point chapter. Now it's about Mabel and the first sweep of hunters.

And to think that my planning and outlining has gotten exponentially better over the years!