Deep Spring Nagoya

So, things are quiet in Nagoya. Spring is gone as the cherry blossoms are gone, but Deep Spring is upon us. You know Deep Spring when you encounter it.

I should have been writing or studying (probably studying), but I dropped by the library and proceeded to check out a pile of books. I've started reading City of Bones. Should be done with it by this evening. But as I read it, I find myself thinking of Jace (handsome, arrogant leading man) as an inferior Salieri. He's blond too. And attractive. Maybe that's what caused the connection in my brain.

Anyway, this is a slight problem. Probably shouldn't be pitting fictional characters against each other. Especially since I created one of them. It's like asking a mom whether she likes her child more than the neighbor's kid. Bit of a duh situation.

So, I should be responsible and just sit back and enjoy the book...

Salieri is better. Still distracting me.