Breaking the Surface

Exams are officially over!

Nagoya weather continues to be beautiful, outshining the day before it. Maybe things seem brighter because school is over. Maybe things are actually brighter. This weekend is the big graduation ceremony and party, and then next I'm off to Tokyo to do whatever it is people in Tokyo do. In my case, wandering around meeting people.

Tomorrow's writing goal is to copy and convert the end of Chapter Twelve. All of my best writing happens like that, I think. I have to write everything out longhand, and then when I copy it onto the computer I can edit and fine tune. Wordsmithing. Or something. Of course I sometimes write straight onto the computer, but I have a tendency to make sloppy mistakes and not think too much about what I'm writing. I also type rather quickly. So there's a flow of words from my brain to the screen with not much a net to catch the clumps of seaweed.

But if I write things out, I can slow the process down. Here's a random snapshot of one of my notebook pages:

Lack of indentation (and occasionally sentence subjects) saves space. 
A little crazy, huh? But it gets the job done. This week I finished a Moleskin and started a new notebook. It's very exciting. Once I copy what's in the old one onto my computer, I'll be writing in an entirely new notebook. I should have done that tonight, but I was feeling lazy.

It appears that I've written a lot here but said very little.

In other news, I finished Behemoth and picked up Goliath. It really is a great little series. I'm sorry that I'm on the last book already, but that's trilogies for you. When I write a series, it will not be a trilogy. They're just too short. (Mabel's City is currently mapped to be four books. Knowing my rather abysmal planning skills, it might be longer.)

Tomorrow I expect I'll read Goliath, or maybe another one of the Percy Jackson books. Or you know, I could actually wrap up Chapter Twelve.

In Chapter Thirteen, Mabel and Lawrence go off on an eco-friendly camping trip, and Mabel battles another headhunter, this time with fortune-telling salts. I wish I was joking.