Enkō dreamt of being a great actor, performing onstage in beautiful costumes and playing the most daring, romantic women. 

Unfortunately, no one ever told Enkō that only men can be actors. 

So, when she learns this heartbreaking news, perhaps she has a psychotic break. Perhaps she snaps. Because now she sees a ghost that claims to be the originator of Kabuki, and the ghost says she must be an actor. The ghost says that they can do it. Together. The ghost says they are going to put on the greatest show ever seen. 

Embracing her hallucination—maybe it's real?— and embracing herself, Enkō goes to the big city where she's going to pretend to be a man who pretends to be women. That's the plan. That's the kabuki. 

Well, maybe it's just Kabuki-ish. 


Kabuki-ish is an ongoing novel.