Let's autumn

It’s finally rained in Los Angeles, just a few days. That cooled the air.

Work has been busy, and it cut into my writing time like a hot knife through butter. As can happen when things get busy, I began to wonder why I was writing at all. It seemed like almost no one cared, and I was not sure I did either. Today, though I tore apart my apartment because I didn’t remember where I had put my notebook that contains the first half of Kabuki-ish. I found it, sandwiched between a Vietnamese cookbook and a French restaurant book. As I put my apartment back together, I found myself thinking about the last couple months, some of the nicer things.


A picture perfect racecar design studio the morning of a VR racing tournament.


Crab cakes and fried chicken church dinner with endless dishes.


The LA County Fair, an obscene display of fried foods.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me with surprise appearance by John Ham. A plum cake. Waffles with strawberry jam made on a brand new waffle iron, gifted by a friend. Photographing my charm collection for Curios.