Let's Happiness Tag

Earlier in the day, young writer Christina Im flagged me to participate in the Happiness Tag, which involves making a positive blog post about things you enjoy to start off 2016. Despite being bleary-eyed and wishing Friday at the office was already done by 12:30, here I go! 

I don't really listen to pop music. Lately, I've enjoyed The Force Awakens soundtrack by John Williams, as well as a couple jazz albums, stuff by Hirohashi Makiko who does jazz lounge renditions of movie music.
The holidays were a little stressful this year, and I found myself putting on headphones and listening to Beethoven's Fifth like a teenager bopping their head against the angst.

I don't know? I enjoyed Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows, like everyone else. Did An Ember in the Ashes come out in 2015? 
For the last couple  months I've been enjoying nonfiction. I read The Tragedy of Liberation by Frank Dikotter, a professor at the University of Hong Kong, which details the Communist Revolution in China from 1945 to 1957. I did not enjoy the sequel, Mao's Great Famine, as much, but that could simply be because The Tragedy of Liberation had already worn me out. I believe he's writing a third book in this series. My favorite nonfiction book of the year is the new translation of the Kojiki by Gustav Heldt. The Kojiki is a Japanese mythological history dating from about 711. Heldt made the fun decision to translate all the gods' names, which can result in some wackiness, but I enjoyed the interpretations.

Good question. In 2015, I particularly liked Inside Out, The Martian, Spotlight, and Star Wars. I still have to see Carol and the Revenant. It was fun to see Mission Impossible, Mad Max, and Jurassic World in theaters... Not a bad year for movies! I love going to the movies. 

I like small words. 

Fragonard Jasmine perfume. When bread comes out of the oven still hot. Theater popcorn and a Coke Icee. Cats running in from the rainstorm. 

What does this mean? I played Neko Atsume and I feel like I'm still being judged for it. The stormtrooper who yelled "traitor," why didn't they just give that fight scene and line to Phasma? They should have done more with her. And if they don't take advantage of having Andy Serkis playing their villain in the next movie, I'm going to have words. Also, why am I still the only person in the office? Is today Saturday and no one told me? Is my phone lying? Can a phone lie, in a spiritual and existential sense? 


I have no more friends. They have already been claimed.

I will tag Kimberly Karalius because I can. 

Happy New Year! Let's all enjoy cats and books.