Let's FlashFiction: The Glass Ninja

The Glass Ninja

The Satsuma clans were in for a rude awakening when Gura went rogue and designed a regenerator glass suit. 

Black Castle rose up from the lake mists. Gura leapt across the moat and clung to the castle walls like ice, merged with the window, then passed through the glass. 

Two samurai stepped from the shadows. 

He smashed his foot against the ground, shattering his heel, then kicked the shards. It tore through their armor, and he was already down the hall. 

Blending with the wallpaper, he crept into the sleeping lord’s room. 

As silent as a spider, he closed his eyes and held his fist above the lord’s open mouth. The glass started to bubble and melt, and just as the lord shifted towards the heat, the fist dropped off at the wrist, covering his mouth and nose in molten glass. 

“A rude awakening indeed,” muttered the Glass Ninja.