Let's Update; Last 15% (or so?)

I haven't updated in a couple weeks because I have been too busy writing. Writing, writing, determined to finish he Hiwau and the Moon Consort. 

For those late to the party, H+MC follows the adventures of a Comet Spirit and her "adventures" with a Moon God. Following an war before the Moon and the Sun, the Comet Spirit is turned into a human and thrown down to earth where she has more adventures. 

Obviously, I have not thought about selling this book at all. That is my thinking as I work on the last 15% (or so?) of H+MC. 

he Princess and the Fox Demon, which precedes H+MC, is a relatively straightforward story. When a boy's parents get divorced and he suspects that his mother is going to commit suicide, he travels to another city to rescue her. He fails, but he ends up falling in love with a girl. The boy is a shapeshifting fox demon and the girl is a shamanistic princess, but it's just a basic love story with plague god trappings. 

H+MC is not a basic love story. It's not even really a love story. It's a big, long book on what happens when love doesn't happen. It takes place on the moon, on the streets of ancient capitals, atop the tallest mountain, and in bamboo groves. The Comet Spirit, Kaguya, roams all over the world and starts romances and war, but she struggles to find love. I've tried to make both books honest. But H+MC feels a little more honest about how much we screw up, rage, and move around when it comes to love. 

Yesterday I finished copying all my writing from my notebook. Because I can't think like a normal person, none of the scenes are in order. Battle scene with Retan Shitunpe (Chirikai's dad) is followed by yoga with a fire rat, which is followed by a character who's death's already happened but I haven't written yet. For the record, most of this book has been written in order, but it seems when I reached the end, I just started writing the scenes I wanted to write. 

Endings are my favorite parts of books. I have a bad track record for book openings. I've never written a good one. But endings, after I've set everything up, are my jam.  

And I'm canning H+MC.