BCFK: Chapter 11

Rulash stepped around an overweight man in a football jersey and shoved the bucket of popcorn into Sam’s hands, as Gweniveer crossed her arms and leaned back to appreciate the view.

“Fine looking,” she mouthed at Sam, using air quotes.

“It barely has any flavor,” declared Rulash. “But that’s what you wanted.”

“We’d better see the movie now,” said Sam, glancing at his bare wrist.

Gweniveer would have none of it. She smiled at Rulash. “What’s your name?”

“Rulash.” He stared at her with such intensity that Gweniveer expected him to claim to recognize her from someplace else. Instead, Rulash became visibly relieved. “So, you actually are a woman then.”

Gweniveer threw her head back and roared with laughter. Sam dragged Rulash into the theater and thrust the popcorn bucket into his hands. He pushed Rulash into a seat and plopped down beside him with a sigh. “Enjoy the movie.”

Before Rulash could protest anything, the theater darkened, and the curtains pulled away from the screen. Spellbound, he watched the trailers: booming music, deep-voiced narrative, everything on the line…

Then Revenge of Metal Man started.

Five rows behind them, Willow slipped into a seat and pulled a mint chocolate candy bar from her purse.

In the opening scene, Shev Silverton watched as his parents were murdered outside the soup kitchen where they volunteered. He swore that he would find vengeance against the criminals of the city and find his parents’ killer.

The opening credits rolled, and Willow sank down into her seat like a clam, propping her knees up against the seat in front of her.

“I will be a voice for the voiceless,” said Shev Silverton on the screen. His eyes filled with tears. “I will be an arm for the armless.”

What terrible dialogue, thought Willow. She took a big bite of her candy bar. She watched as Shev Shilverton swallowed the mad scientist’s potion and his skin turned metallic. Soldiers burst into the laboratory just as Shev finished transforming.

“Why do they keep shooting at him?” hissed Rulash in Sam’s ear. “It’s obviously not working.”

Sam shushed him.

“I cannot tell you my secret,” murmured Shev to his lady friend. “It would put you in too much danger.”

“I don’t care. I love you,” said his lady friend.

“Oh,” whispered Rulash. “She took off her clothes. ”

Sam stared pointedly at the screen. 

“No, no, you idiot,” hissed Rulash. “Don’t take off your mask. It’s not worth the…” He groaned. “Seriously?

“Be quiet. I’m trying to watch the movie.”

“His desperation to mate with this woman is going to get him in a lot of trouble,” said Rulash. “I do not find him a convincing genius character, despite his alchemical achievements.” 

Sam rolled his eyes and ate a fistful of cold popcorn.